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Introducing Brandee

The tool that revolutionizes your branding communication

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In effective communication, the sharing of information is key. We understand the challenges when it comes to managing your branding and ensuring partners and employees respect the branding guidelines.

  • Use Security Settings to limit users to different areas of the tool, including partners only for specific projects.
  • You will ensure the conversations about branding take place on one platform.
  • Your branding for special events or exceptional displays no longer needs to be an issue.
  • Strong branding coherency means growing brand equity.

Your organization needs to provide clarity around branding expectations; this is why we introduce the approval system.

Introducing Mydigimag

Any article will come alive... unleash their creativity!

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Mydigimag is the intuitive and easy-to-use solution which will able you to publish as many articles as needed at any time.

  • It gives to the users a direct access to the information with an easy and simple navigation solution. 
  • The menu displays unique options to navigate into the magazine: Most view, Best Rate, Shared and more. 
  • Manage your budget and publish an unlimited number of articles without additional costs.

Participate globally with your team to the creation of your brand universe:
From project manager, social media manager, editors to designers, all types of user profiles needed by your team are offered by solution.

From a technical point of view, the team using the tool back office to upload content will not need to install a single program, all they have to do is log in!