Social Media

The use of Social Media as a communication tool brings different benefits to each industry, and the approach that companies wish to take may vary. Whether you are in the B2C or B2B business structure, there are always ways to benefit from specific social platforms, deploying them to:

  • Communicate with your customers, in a very interactive context
  • Establish a customer relationship through the sharing of expertise, ideas, top tips and more
  • Gain insights and valuable feedback from your (potential) customers
  • Showcase your products and services
  • Increase your visibility and brand awareness

We can help you target the right platforms and develop a strategy that realizes your business objectives through a social presence. 


The web is a maze of universal proportions. 

Search Engine Optimization is a MUST to put you on the radar of (potential) clients and customers. 

We keep up to speed with all the latest SEO methods (which are constantly evolving) to ensure that your target group finds their way to you, through every possible doorway. These methods include:

  • Page URL structure
  • Page Headlines
  • Page Content
  • Site Submission

There are no shortcuts. SEO is a complex process that we keep running smoothly, constantly and effectively.

Interactive campaigns

Get potential consumers involved

Participative marketing is all about marketing WITH people, not AT people. 

We can facilitate:

  • Online contests and challenges
  • Online brainstorming
  • Co-creation platforms

What are the advantages?

Participative marketing multiplies marketing efficiency thanks to a proven concept – the ‘Hawthorne’ positive effect. It leads to

  • Word-of-mouth recommendations, which are the best kind!
  • A stronger bond with your consumers
  • A better understanding of your brand

Simple to initiate and effective towards a very attractive ROI

Blog writing

It is really necessary to generate a steady flow of newly written content around your products?

The answer is YES, for the reason that you can benefit from the following advantages:

  • Increase your SEO (constantly renewed content im proves your page ranking) to gain more visitors
  • Build your credibility by displaying your knowledge
  • Build brand loyalty by constantly providing interesting and relevant content  

We can regularly provide you with tailor made blog articles, written to reinforce the digital presence 

of your brand. 


Video is becoming the number one online marketing medium (across all devices). It is set to represent 90% of all internet traffic this year. Don’t miss out on a must.

We can produce your video content, ensuring you gain the following advantages:

  • Video captivates - visitors view videos before they read text, then stay longer on a site as a result
  • Video increases consumer confidence in a product or service
  • Vide content is highly shareable and allows you to reach a larger audience and better SEO ranking
  • Video helps you bring across your message more clearly and in a more memorable way

Conclusion: Video is a force to be reckoned with!

YouTube optimization

Ensure your videos will reach the widest audience possible

To help your videos and channel succeed on this platform, Penceo can help you with YouTube optimization. This means developing an intimate understanding of how audiences discover and engage with your videos, and using all available tools to take advantage of these insights. :

  • Video marketing strategy
  • Channel and traffic customisation
  • Channel branding
  • Community Management
  • YouTube Monetizing
  • YouTube Monitoring

Conclusion: YouTube is a powerful marketing tool!

Brand Content

Brand content is all about talking to your consumers as individuals. When you manage to reach your consumer on a human level, by going beyond the commercial messages, you will gain their loyalty.

Brand content builds brand value

First and foremost, we ensure the content is rolled out according to a clear strategy, driven by SMART objectives. 

We can help you with the production of online brand content in a variety of formats:

  • images
  • videos
  • articles
  • campaign series

Creative Copywriting

The limitless power of words

We make sure the words in all your digital communication deliver the essentials: Information, Inspiration and Action.

How do we do this? By engaging in a creative process:

  • We build on your brand identity to define the tone and style that truly represents your unique brand personality
  • We gain an understanding of your target audience to ensure everything we say is relevant and insightful
  • We perform research to support all information and order to present it with confidence and accuracy - without neglecting 
  • the emotional dimension!
  • We combine the words with spot-on visuals for a further impact
  • We lead consumers to a ‘Call to Action’ that guides them to the next step!

We are here to tell you story, in your own words

Social Listening

People are constantly talking online. You will want to know when they are talking about you. Clearly, social monitoring has become a critical customer intelligence tool.

We set up the necessary tools to track and analyse what people are saying about your brand and your products or services.

The advantages are there to be seized:

  • Gain insights, in real time, into what is being said about your brand and your products/services
  • Feed the information into your CRM system to improve your e-marketing efforts
  • Gain in reactivity to respond both to crises or to build further on successes
  • Find out where conversations are taking place so you can target those platforms
  • Identify the influencers so you can approach them and aim to work with them