International Weightlifting Federation

Power, intensity and precision are a dream combination. Add discipline and respect to the mix, and you get the IWF.


The International Weightlifting Federation needed a Social Media rebranding to revitalise their online representation, and we were honoured to be chosen to represent their brand and engage their fans with a fresh branding style and engaging content. Weightlifting is a sport where where power, precision, balance and technique combine beautifully into one brief yet intense performance. Everything leads up to that moment of truth, and as a result it is a visually beautiful and intense experience for viewer. The sheer effort we witness radiates with the force of the athletes, and capturing and sharing these moments with the fanbase is vital to providing the IWF community with the content they truly wish to see.

We made sure to embody all aspects of weightlifting in our branding, to represent the incredible talent of the IWF athletes and the intense training that gets them to the top, as well as the respect and discipline required to make it there. The athletes give it their all, and we gave our all to represent them the way they deserve!



“The barbells and dumbbells you hold in your hands and the way you use them have stories to tell.”

— Craig Cecil

To do the sport justice, our branding embodies its core values and intensity.

When you have a global reputation, every word matters. We make sure every word augments your brand.


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