When we were approached by RJ, we knew we had what it takes to bring out their brand’s full potential. That day, quality met quality.


With the timeless and stunning designs of RJ watches, it was clear we would have access to a vast gallery of beautiful images to help us showcase their product. The focus of the homepage would be this imagery, featuring their watches in a page-wide module with alternating photos that bring visitors straight into the luxurious world of RJ.

Loading at lightning speed and with smooth transitions, the homepage slider module gives viewers no choice but to admire the flawless watches before them.

Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.

 Using a customised DRUPAL content management system, the clean and user-friendly website is fully responsive on all devices, drawing in potential buyers, partners and loyal customers alike by providing a portal that represents the very nature of the brand. Contrasting colours and eye-catching titles placed beside watchfaces whose charm speaks for itself, the website features come together to form an appealing juxtaposition of classic beauty and modernity.



A personal service through the web

Features aimed at personalising the experience of users were an integral part of the website planning, offering visitors quick and effortless access to a boutique locator service and a beautiful database of watches to help visitors find the exact timepiece their heart desires. Optimised with all the information clients need and integrated with Google Maps, it allows visitors to use street view and orient themselves to the location of the boutique, providing an engaging overview of RJ locations.




Product-oriented to share the passion of RJ


The product-first approach to developing their website and enhancing their social media presence brings loyal fans and potential buyers closer to the heart of the RJ brand, sharing its passion for timepieces and providing access to news, information and stunning visuals that gently invite you to stay on the page a little longer.


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