International Basketball Foundation

We represent them, they represent the game. Together, we bring it to life, for good.


The International Basketball Foundation (IBF) was founded by FIBA in 2008, representing the social & educational aspects of FIBA to both preserve and promote basketball and its cultural heritage. We were very excited to work with them on their website design, taking their powerful message and translating it into design, functionality and accessibility worthy of their organisation.

We wanted to help the IBF bring people together, to shape their community and provide them with a dedicated online presence where fans, supporters, athletes and members of the public could access news, information and event details seamlessly. Through sleek, modern design and the use of some of the IBF’s visually stunning images, we did exactly that.

We bring our client's vision to life through design made for the real world.

We like a challenge. They’re a reason to always continue thinking outside the box.


Sport is not just our passion, it is our lifestyle. When we work with clients such as the IBF, we delve into their world and come to truly understand what makes them tick. This is how we design a product for them, through them, and representative of them. With a projects-driven home page keeping viewers aware of the latest information, an interactive map of running projects, and a social media wall to promote campaigns and direct viewers to the IBF’s social media presence, we bring together all the strands into one central hub.


With effortless access to stunning video and photo content from projects around the globe, links to ambassadors’ profiles and newsletter registration module, the website promotes upcoming events effortlessly. Rapid loading times, to ensure viewers always get what they search for, and a call-to-action donation button to encourage support for the organisation are all part of what makes the website great, supporting the IBF journey as they continue their mission to do good.


A website for an international community, to connect and inform with ease.

Life informs design, but design informs progress.