Freeride World Tour

The Freeride World Tour asked us to help them share their passion for extreme sports with their global community. We dived in, designed and delivered.

The Freeride World Tour website was designed to showcase their modern, dynamic and passionate approach to extreme sports and provide visitors with a beautifully put together spread of accessible information about events, riders, rankings and more.

Using mobile-first web design, ensuring smooth functioning across all mobile and fixed platforms, the page brings together the different social media platforms used by the FWT community to provide them with a one-stop shop for all things Freeride.

From the Live Replay module to pages dedicated to riders and events, the site’s architecture was revamped for easy access to information, to maximise user engagement, and to give FWT a world-class competitive edge in their online presence.

It’s all about content, class and character


Our aim wasn’t just to create a stunning website, but to enhance the FWT’s digital footprint, boost traffic and bring their online presence to the next level through engaging content, an interactive user experience, and a visual brand identity that draws in both existing fans and newcomers.



Our website design isn't only great when it first goes live, it actually stays that way.

In-house, easy and autonomous administration is a key feature of the website, allowing for pro-active and reactive maintenance that keeps visitors in the loop on the latest and greatest without any risk of page downtime. Reliable and easy to navigate through its internal search engine, it gives users access to extraordinary video and photo content, Live Webcasts, Tour history and more that users know will always be right there when they want to engage.

Equally accessible from any device, it is the extreme sports community hub you can rely on.


We never stop aiming for growth


The social media aggregator block (aka the Social Wall) brings together all strands of social media at a glance whilst maintaining the sleek, modern and clean look of the website, and a simple click will navigate the user to any content that catches their eye. User-friendly and engaging, it directs traffic through the social media pages and grows the community across all platforms.


Now see for yourself


Give the Freeride World Tour website a try and see for yourself how smoothly it navigates through content and features, and how effortlessly it offers its audience a permanent channel to contact and engage in dialogue with the FWT. From FAQs and Newsletter subscriptions to a Media Library and World Event Map, it’s an example of our dedication to our clients’ individual needs and our ability to cater to specific requests whilst staying true to the brand’s vision and identity.