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The sky is no longer the limit, not when you’ve conquered the clouds.


The FAI approached us to guide them through an ambitious event-promotion project aiming to bring the FAI World Air Games to air sports fans around the globe. With an already well-established digital ecosystem following our overhaul of their website and the enhancement of their social media presence, the challenge of showcasing of the event was a welcome step to taking our partnership above and beyond its existing bounds.

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Event branding made perfectly to measure


The World Air Games is the premier FAI-governed, multi-discipline air sports event that is held at an international level, and the promotion of the event needed to reflect the elite, out-of-this-world and spectacular nature of the air shows involved in the event without losing sight of its core values in the process.



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Every challenge is a stepping stone to greatness.


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Beautiful on the web and in print

We pride ourselves on providing an all-around, beautiful design service that takes into account the specific needs for print, web, social media and video.
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Teamwork paves the road to a quality result.


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What you see is beautiful, what you get is even better


Visuals are the focal point of the brand identity, and for the World Air Games it was vital we showcase the extreme, empowering and sensational side of air sports. With the event spanning a range of disciplines, from skydiving and hang-gliding to aeronautic acrobatics, a sense of overarching excitement for the combined air sports and the flexibility and applicability of the design to all disciplines key to the development of an event identity.