We craft a visual language with which we speak to your fans, and our designers shape authentic messages that will invoke emotion and engage your audiences. Let us help you build your identity and discover new elements of your organisation through branding questions and dialogue with your team and your fans.

We peel back all the layers to come back to your core truth and leave a lasting impression on your fans.


Visual Identity & Branding

Your brand is the soul of your company. Every visual representation of your brand - the name, the logo, the symbols, the fonts - conveys meaning and creates an emotional link between you and your customers. 

When designing your visual identity, we follow a creative process:

  • We put together a thorough creative brief, analysing every aspect of your brand (target audience, positioning, values, mission, personality etc.)

  • We drill down to pinpoint the brand promise, which must stand out clearly through the sum of representations.

  • We build up your visual identity (logo, fonts, colours, photography, icons…)

  • We ensure that every aspect can be used across all communication materials (online and in print).

  • Upon request, we can produce your ‘Brand Guidelines’, a working document to be used by any third party involved in communicating on behalf of your brand.

Good branding delivers a clear and forceful message, and builds credibility. The real value: to make you stand out in a unique way.


Print Design

The design work done for your digital communication does not have to exist only in a virtual form. 

It makes sense to have one agency working on your overall communication, following an integrated strategy.

We have specialist graphic designers whom are able to produce artwork for an array of communication materials designed for print:

  • Brochures

  • Business cards

  • Flyers

  • Magazines

  • Print campaigns

  • Stands

  • Etc.

From digital to print, we spread the force of your identity across each and every communication channel.



We produce Infographics that combine the best of textimages and design to tell a captivating story

It’s not just a passing trend - all the statistics are pointing upwards. Why is Infography such an effective marketing tool?

  • Speed. People are short on time and overwhelmed with information. Here the message is short and sweet.

  • Effectiveness. A message that is visual is more easily understood and remembered.

  • Conviction. When presented with facts and figures, people adhere more easily to the information they are presented with. 

  • Credibility. Producing Infographics portrays you as an expert in your field.

  • Traffic booster. More likely to be shared; Infographics drive users to your site through their ‘shareability’.


Experience Design

How do you want people to remember you? How will their interaction impact their future interactions with you? Will they come back? In experience design, you do not want to have people find your experience acceptable, you want to strive for exceptional. Whilst looking for simplicity, we also want to go beyond and delve into the impossible, exceeding your fans expectations for an unforgettable experience that changes them, stimulates them, helps them grow and creates a sense of community.


Motion Design

Video and motion design are increasingly important elements of modern communication. You see videos everywhere today, and the possibilities are limitless. This is why we can cater to any need - simple or advanced, short or long. Our team can provide anything from simple Facebook clips to HD broadcast-quality TV production highlights. Wondering if something can be done? Just ask, we love a challenge.

3D Design

3D Design can be used to create images of the impossible, give life to fantasies, and provide lifelike simulations.

  • Impress your community

  • Deliver an Emotional Experience

  • Stun with Visual Effects

  • Bring Pictures to Life


You ask, we design.

Penceo is a full design agency.

We love both digital & print, and work on magazine layouts, book covers and layouts, catalogues, packaging, textile prints, and more.

Venue Branding

Creating the right visual identity and environment for your sport plays a big part in its success. We design the event theme so that it carries your philosophy and sport values.

Digital Event Branding

We build online branding strategies and digital assets. We can shape your digital communication to develop a brand over all your media content.

Campaign Branding

We manage your brand campaign so that it means much more than just style and emotion. We want your campaign to be memorable, meaningful, different, smart and unique.

Website Design

We create stunning website designs with a focus on providing an exceptional user experience and mobile-first approach.

Video Branding & Design

Here at Penceo, we know how much fans love videos. We create content blending typography, static images, movement, and sound together to create unforgettable and emotional experiences.