Why do you NEED email marketing in 2019?

Email marketing is exactly what the name suggests: using the medium of email as part of your marketing strategy and customer engagement process. When done right, email marketing doesn’t just boost sales, it shapes the relationship between your brand and your subscribers to generate brand loyalty and develop a genuine interest in your organisation on the part of the subscribers.

Here at the Penceo headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, we understand the ins and outs of email marketing and handle everything from the fundamental question of why it is important to use this strategy for your business through to the intricacies of how to word, design and populate newsletters for maximum engagement. We are a communications and marketing agency specialising in sports marketing for both local and international federations and organisations, and we recommend everyone to use email marketing as part of their engagement strategies. It works, and by choosing not to use it you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage. So, let’s get down to business and explain; why do you and your organisation need email marketing in 2019?  

1)     Because statistics show it works

We’re getting the statistics out of the way first, and although dry statistics may not be your thing, the proof is in the pudding. It is predicted that by 2023 the global email use will amount to a staggering 4.4 billion users, which is half of the world’s population (Statista, 2019)! In 2018 the global total was already a cool 3.8 billion, so the rapid growth of email use is evident (Statista, 2019). In addition, email is now so easy to use on all mobile devices that 46% of all email opens are now done on a mobile device (Litmus.com, 2018). This means that wherever they are, your customers have your newsletter at their fingertips, and can use their mobile device to view your content at any moment during their day.

 The statistics on email marketing, in particular, tell us a clear story, too. With regards to return on investment (ROI), email just keeps on winning. In 2014, the ROI for every dollar spent was $34. By 2016, this had increased to $44 (Campaign Monitor, 2016). With regards to Click-through-Rate (CTR), email also comes out on top, because whilst email marketing has a CTR of 3.57%, Facebook only has a CTR of 0.07%, and Twitter trails behind at 0.03%.

Now that we’ve gotten the statistics out of the way, and hopefully shown you the value of email marketing, let’s get into the rest of our reasons why email marketing is vital in 2019. Despite some claims in recent years that it was fizzling out in the face of social media platforms, it has actually stood its ground entirely unfazed and kept a firm grip on a significant portion of users. We know how to follow the facts and apply the most relevant strategies to our customers’ requests, so don’t hesitate to contact Penceo for some guidance on how we can help your brand grow bigger online! 

2)     Because customers like being kept informed (and like to benefit)

So, someone types their name and email address into the dedicated sign-up form on your webpage. What are their intentions? Research suggests that the top reasons people give for signing up are a) knowing more about a topic that is of interest to them and b) staying up-to-date with the latest content from the website. This means offering users the option to sign up for a newsletter is meeting a genuine need, achieving something that social media and webpages combined do not. Making customers feel as though they’re able to effortlessly keep up with the brand breeds familiarity and loyalty, and throwing in the occasional offer or benefit only solidifies this customer engagement - specifically when it is an offer made available only through email.

Promising exclusive information and updates, or early access to new offers, is a great way to meet the needs of your customers. After all, everything that makes them feel special and thought of will make them feel more connected to your brand. Research has also shown that nearly half of consumers indicated they were happy to receive promotional emails from their favourite brands at a rate of one email per week (Statista, 2017), so persisting with relevant newsletters on a set schedule can have a substantial positive impact on your brand.

3)     Because it gives you direct access to your customers

Email marketing enables you to entice customers with offers and products that you know will show up in their inbox, right in front of their eyes, which has been shown to significantly boost ROI and produce an average order value at least three times higher than a similar promotion through social media. Note that making sure they click on your message and actually read the content is an art of its own, which will be discussed in a later article focussed specifically on the how-to aspect of email marketing. As you are free to target as you wish, you can even choose to have slightly different editions of your newsletter (e.g. highlighting different blog posts or offers) based on their interests, location or demographics. Another important facet of email marketing is your ownership of the contacts. Social media is under the control of the company running the platform, and your account can face hacking, suspension, or even deletion. Your email subscribers list, however, is yours to keep.  

Penceo - Why You Need Email Marketing in 2019

Penceo - Why You Need Email Marketing in 2019

In 2019, there is no reason not to make use of everything that is available at the stroke of a key, and although social media is a great tool and a fantastic platform for brand identity and engaging content, email is the reigning king of proven results.


4)     Because nowadays, it is easy


Through the use of automated email marketing service providers, you can manage your subscribers with ease, and in some cases even use templates, drag-and-drop editing tools and other handy gadgets. As briefly mentioned before, segmenting your audience into sections is also done without a hitch through email marketing service providers, and you can continue to send focussed emails that make people want to engage and remain subscribed. There are countless services out there, including Constant Contact, SendInBlue, MailChimp, AWeber and many more. Here at Penceo, we know what works, what to choose to suit your needs, and where to go from step one through to long-term, successful email campaigns. With so much support and automation available in 2019, there’s absolutely no reason to fret about the logistics! In fact, to make it even easier for yourself, hire a communications agency such as Penceo to provide you with all the guidance you need to get you on your path to success.

When it comes to getting started with any type of marketing initiative, you’re always best off consulting those who have made it their speciality. A good start is as important as good continuity, as mistakes early on can cost you opportunities in the long run.

To cut a long story short and get back to the core fact at hand: don’t let the rumours convince you that email is dying, or that email marketing isn’t worth the effort put into it, because it actually remains the best option for marketing. Engaging your customers takes more than throwing an electronic toolkit at the problem, however, which is where we come in. To leave you with a little digestible information to highlight the importance of email marketing, a whopping 59% of marketers have indicated that email is their biggest source of ROI (Emma, 2018)!

Thank you for sticking through this article with us until now, and we look forward to hearing from you if you have questions or comments. You can reach our Geneva-based Content Strategist at dorine@penceo.com, and you are welcome to visit our office for a chat if you believe your brand or organisation would benefit from our services and know-how - but do contact us first, so we can arrange it for a time when the right members of our team are available!


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