Instagram continues to be the fastest-growing social media platform out there.

It is the perfect solution for any brand, whether you are a Sports Federation in Lausanne, a Club in Geneva, or even a political sports organisation.

Instagram will help you engage with your community and transform visitors into faithful fans, loyal to your services and offers.

In this article, you will learn what works and find out what needs to be done to increase Instagram engagement and to continue to grow your community. Each and every year, Instagram expands significantly, and at this point in time over 10% of the planet’s population is using the application. This makes the platform a great marketing solution which offers a sizeable audience ready for you to engage with - if you know how!

Instagram Sport Marketing Trends in 2019. Penceo

Instagram Sport Marketing Trends in 2019. Penceo

How to create a brand on Instagram in 2019

Before you start, whether you are in tourism, clothing or the watch business, creating your page is all about your image and the way you tell the story of your brand. Instagram will help you strengthen your brand and present your brand’s style to the eyes of your ever-growing sphere of influencers. But you’ll need to understand the difference between the brand and the marketing of your brand for this to be most effective.

The Brand is:

  • Your company presentation or statement

  • Your values

  • The things that make you different and unique

Digital Marketing is:

  • Mobile Marketing

  • Online Campaigns

  • Pay-per-Click Marketing

  • Inbound Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimisation

  • Social Media Marketing

So, on one side you have the subject, meaning the who, what, where and how of your brand and its experience, and on the other side there are the tools, the medium of communication and the strategies. You need to make these sides work together smoothly to engage the community.

For example, we would recommend a Swiss, Geneva-based hotel to do the following with their Instagram:

  • Keep the name simple

  • Target keywords

  • Brand through the Bio

  • Put out Calls to Action

How often do you need to post on Instagram?

Posting every day is a must, but it is important to always think about your editorial line - you need to be creative!

You will also learn when your community is most reactive to your content, and therefore when your posts will be most engaging, gain the most likes and comments, and be the most visible. As a local business catering to those in the same time zone, this is easier to do than for those running an international business, but there will always be some peak times to target.

Be visual, useful and meaningful!

The platform has accustomed the community to seeing high-level, top-quality content. Do not try marketing your brand on your own if you do not have a design or marketing background, as you’ll be missing out on vital strategies and knowledge that are essential to success.

Feel free to contact us for a free workshop!

To push up engagement rates you need to become a storyteller, use video as well as images, and optimise the use of Instagram stories. It is also vital to share user-generated content and encouraging further user interaction with your brand. Benchmark and be inspired by other brands, observe and learn, and you’ll continue to see your brand’s online presence will grow.

Instagram Video vs. Photo

While we cannot say videos always gain more exposure than images, a well-designed, promoted video story will generally have a significant impact on your target audience. Stories can also be used as single ads of up to 60 seconds. Do not forgot to create a Call to Action as part of this type of content to redirect your community to your webpage.

You can also make use of the carousel option, including a video behind an image. To spice up your images, you can use animated gifs like Boomerang, or create them using Photoshop. This is a cost-effective technique to bring life to your visuals, catching the eyes of users.

Add the right hashtags to your post

Use your hashtags with intention and think them through, as the right hashtags will help you gain visibility on Instagram’s discover page and direct traffic towards your page.

Make sure you:

  • Tell your targets who you are

  • Tell your targets where you are

  • Describe the image

  • Categorise your expertise or industry

  • Tag influencers

  • Target popular #’s, but also focus on a few niche ones

  • Instagram allows for up to 30 #’s, but 91% of top brands use only seven!

Can you use SEO on Instagram?

Of course! Use promotions and links to your website to generate traffic. Create a strong Call to Action and invite your community to click on the URL.

Also work with influencers to promote your URL. Do not forget to analyse your actions and examine what works, what doesn’t, and what might in the future.

Create a clear profile with the right keywords. Going back to our previous example of a watch brand, your keywords would include watch, lifestyle, luxury, timepiece, etc. For visual engagement, add emojis as well. With these simple tips you can maximise your Instagram SEO in a quick and simple way.

Work with influencers to gain visibility and authenticity

Use influencers to showcase your legitimacy and position yourself firmly as a leader in your sector. Use their authority and sphere of influence to garner brand awareness through their authentic, independent voice. Create games and contests with giveaways and have them promoted by the influencers, providing you with a powerful, memorable way to engage with your community whilst creating a buzz.

Falcon has mentioned that contests get 64 times more comments, which absolutely makes them worth their while.

Turn Instagram followers into email subscribers

Email addresses remain important, and therefore something you want to gain from your community. Create a Call to Action inviting followers to leave their email address for a chance to win a prize, enter a giveaway, or receive an invitation to an event.

User-generated content is akin to the holy grail to your marketing team, and you need influencers to become a quality source of content to further your engagement with your community.

As an agency, our best campaigns have always been those with plenty of user-generated content because it gives authenticity to your campaign. It is always better to let people tell you that you are the best, rather than going out and saying so yourself without anyone backing your opinions up. It is clear which will appeal more to users!

How to use Instagram Stories.

300 million people are using Instagram Stories on a daily basis, so you absolutely have to make the most of this potential exposure for your business. Your followers are notified when you publish a new post, bringing them straight to your content, so post often and post quality. Don’t forgot to add a link, a Call to Action, a competition, a snippet of interesting information or other engaging content to give your post purpose.

You have one job: communication

Be present everywhere. Engage in public presentations, enforce public relations management, put out newsletters, be visible across the social media platforms and shape your website to be a quality source of content. In this day and age of connectivity and online platforms, you need to have a budget for boosting your posts and campaigns, and you need to be visible to as many people as possible. You must also track and analyse the results of your efforts, using a tool such as Falcon or similar.

Communication really is key, and every post matters.

To recap, Instagram Marketing really is a full-time job nowadays, and you need to either have an internal team or hire an external agency. It is important that you spend time analysing and tracking your results, developing your platforms, and increasing your visibility non-stop. Social media trends move on in a heartbeat, so don’t get left behind!