Today, especially in the business of sport, video content is king if you wish to engage your fans.

The public needs stories, and everyone is focused on creating the most creative video content.

But how do you stand out amongst the crowd and create really great content for your online channels? How do you keep it authentic and engaging?

Penceo’s video production team from Geneva has some top tips to share with you!

Video Production Geneva

Focus on the subject!

With no plan there are no results. You need a script, a storyboard and you need to work with the marketing team as every video has a meaning and a clear purpose.

You also need to know where and how the video will be distributed. Also branding is key! You need to give a body and a face to your project so it carries your values.

Jacek – Creative Director


Talk to the client.

You need to learn, to understand, to have a vision of the finished product. Don't make assumptions, ask questions!

Start the process, ask for feedback and adjust as you go. A video is like any design work, it needs to answer a question.

Bence – Video Animator


Incorporate words or a voiceover.

Your videos need a spine and words or a voiceover deliver a structured storyline. It is a great way to make the message clear and meaningful. Videos do not just deliver emotion, first and foremost they tell stories. These true-to-brand stories are what makes videos authentic, which in turn gives credibility to your brand.

 Zoltan – Video Animator


 Deliver Quality.

An authentic video needs quality, without it you could damage your brand and loose the respect of your fans. You need quality to build a strong relationship with your community. If you have quality and a strong brand you deliver valuable content to your fans and create a bound to be proud of. 

Gabor – Video Animator


Focus on the narrative.

Every video needs a clear and simple structure with an introduction, the development of the story, an action, a recap and an ending.

Each part has its own rhythm: music, effects, transitions, the voiceover, sound engineering etc. You cannot be linear, you need to challenge the story and go with the ebbs and flows. It is essential to engage viewers and hold their interest.

Adam – Video Director


Trust The Human Factor.

Behind every story there is a person or an athlete to admire. Do not rely only on your brand or and event, fans need heroes to inspire them to take action. I became interested in Pole Vaulter thanks to Sergey Budka, Not the other way around.

Marcin – Video Brand Specialist


Perfection is not the only way.

You do not always need a broadcast top quality, some of the greatest online stories have been filmed on a smartphone.

The idea and the power of storytelling can eclipse the production quality. The message is the first factor the second is the editing. Some low quality production videos can have a deeper connection with fans. 

Janos – Video Editor