11 KEY RULES for optimising web content

Less than 10% of web content generates SEO traffic. It is time for you to take charge and pay attention to the SEO quality of your content. The sports industry needs to become more mindful and attentive to the content that is delivered to its audience, as it isn’t solely about action shots and posts celebrating goals.

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When content hits the web you need to give it a visibility boost via social media platforms and newsletters, and everything you produce should be in the capable hands of SEO experts and curated by content strategists with expertise in sports marketing.

Traffic boosting through the organic channel is the most efficient technique, and our marketing and communications agency, based in Geneva but with offices around the world, can help you optimise your content. Our challenge is to prevent content traffic from falling flat after you initially share the post, avoiding the typical quick spike followed by a sharp drop. We maintain a high rate of engagement for as long as possible, generating significant traffic for your webpage. The content must be able to continue to generate organic traffic over time, and SEO has become the main ingredient for this type of content marketing.

Our team always keeps its focus on meeting the many expectations of your fans, and the needs of your brand. You need to forget about Google, start working creatively for the sake of your fans’ experiences and leave SEO to the experts. Also, it should be noted that Google has officially moved from a mobile-first strategy to an AI-first strategy, which has significantly influenced the way they handle the content, meaning that methods which previously worked for you may suddenly stop being effective.  

Presented below are 10 tips from our Geneva-based marketing and communications agency to help you make the most of your posts if you don’t have SEO experts on your team, but of course, we would love to hear from you if you’re interested in more hands-on support! We offer a variety of services, and although our head office is based in Geneva, Switzerland, we work with international clients, are trusted by many big brands and are always willing to travel to meet with our clients. In this global world, distance hardly means anything anymore. 

1. Optimise your current content

Your path to success begins by boosting your existing content. With an improved layout, infographics, video content, copywriting improvements, etc, you can turn mediocre content into high-quality material very quickly. The content you produce revolves around hundreds of keywords, not just a few, and to identify this range of key terms use a platform such as Search Console or Ahrefs to filter and analyse your web pages - and to have a look at what your competition may be doing right! Remember to commit to doing such research repeatedly over time, as trends shift and our understanding of SEO develops constantly. Here at Penceo we stay up-to-date and always deliver the latest and most effective advice and strategies, as we are dedicated to marketing sports the way it should be marketed - with enthusiasm, gusto and an amazing fan experience.

2. Focus on new content

You need to know what to write, and who you are writing it for. Do not start writing an article without first analysing its competitive ecosystem. The goal is to be visible on the often saturated SEO market, and for this, we must rely on competitors. List competitor websites and compare their position with your own to figure out the content gap that is driving traffic to them rather than to you. Finding out how they manage to do better than you will allow you to target the keywords you’ve not previously optimised, and where your website does not position itself as the best resource. Being smart about SEO will help you overtake your competition in the SEO race.

3. Challenge the main keywords 

Targeting the right theme is vital, so be mindful of keyword search volumes to target the right content. Our Geneva-based team’s SEO experts take great care of formatting content titles and article introductions to drive traffic, making the most of every keyword. In the Ahrefs Keyboard Explorer, when you start typing the beginning of your title, you can see which related keywords are driving the most traffic.

4. Analyze the different types of keywords Google considers

Every keyword falls into a category. Some keywords stand alone, some are part of phrases or questions that the algorithm recognises. When you fully understand the structure of your copywriting, you can adjust to better target your specific niche of the market. Always check the quality of your work, never assume it will work simply because it reads well or contains good information. SEO requires more than that. We recommend using SEObility, at to help you analyse your content.

5. Understand the expectations

You must understand the bread and butter nuances of your market niche. Our Geneva-based marketing agency recommends using software such as Google Search Volume.

6. Analyze your top competitors

Our Geneva-based SEO Copywriter Dorine suggests having a close look at the web pages occupying the top positions on Google searches relating to your area. Learning from the strengths of others allows you to overcome the hurdles you are being held back by. You’ll notice that they provide content which explores all relevant themes and side themes whilst staying on point, maintaining relevance to a catchy and engaging title, and provide great and informative illustrations and strategic links. Learn from them, spend some time doing research on what makes their content great, and optimise your own page.

7. Create a design and layout checklist 

Mariel, our Communication Director from the Geneva office, wants to underline the fact that you are not only writing an article, but actually creating a full user experience. The page needs to offer informative text supported by explanatory visuals and videos, giving viewers exactly what they want before they even realise they need it. Remember, the time users spent on your web page is a quality-indicating factor which will increase your ranking! Videos are an asset when improving your page view times.

8. Review and improve

Here at Penceo, we have put together a list of tools to help you get started, allowing you to analyse, monitor and improve your content through accurate feedback. And remember, don’t take it personally when something doesn’t work, take it as a lesson and adapt to the requirements so you can improve. Don’t hesitate to contact our Geneva-based marketing agency for help. This is what we do, and we do it well.


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9. Boost the internal authority of the contents, thanks to the internal mesh


When you create your strategic content, you have to think about helping Google identify it. For this, it is necessary to take a minimum of 10-15 minutes to obtain links from other content and allow yourself to refer readers on to other quality webpages if they need to go further into the topic than your article does. To find quality links, you need to we type in the name of the website + the thematic expression to figure out which articles match well with the links you find. An example search is domainname + keyword. You will see the content you have published and any other pages that you can link to, strengthening your content presentation. Internal linking to other pages of your own content is an SEO power move, and once you have populated your page with plenty of relevant material, you’ll be able to link internally between articles and generate more traffic through your own referrals. Penceo can take your webpage from sporadic visits, event-related bouts of visitors and unpredictable views to a steady stream of visitors who will spend genuine time exploring everything your page has to offer.


10. Look back and improve


When you publish new content, you sometimes have to wait a full 3 months before reaching optimal performance, and it may even take 6 months when it comes to optimizing existing content. As the value of your traffic is measured, and you watch your ratings improve, re-read and revisit to ensure everything possible is done to improve the content. Update with new information if anything very significant comes up, but mostly ensure your editorial voice begins to shine through in a uniform way. Penceo constantly aims to improve all aspects of our clients’ brands, ensuring fans always receive the very best content possible.


11. Integrate your article into a well-built website


Now that your SEO game is excellent, and your keyword-filled content is ready to post, you need to think about something equally vital. Your website. Can you host your content in the most optimised way possible? You need proper coding, a fast script, a visually appealing and structurally streamlined page, effective tagging and much, much more.


At Penceo we offer an all-around service to help you build webpages users find easy to use, beautiful to see, engaging to read and accessible from any device. Our communications and marketing experts here at our agency in Geneva work closely with our dedicated graphic designers and video experts, and they have the skills and master the software to produce the most optimised, user-friendly and SEO-friendly content and pages. We do it all, from copywriting to infographics, webpage design to video content, social media posts to complete content strategy plans. Contact us to find out how we can help your brand portray the very best of itself in all the content you produce.