The Agency

Penceo Sport is a Switzerland-based, international agency dedicated to web design, event management, communication and branding in the world of sport. 
We exist to bring the finest tools and design to the world of sporting federations. Impact, buzz, mobility: our thinking and our results are always at the cutting edge of technology and design.

Dedicated to understanding your needs

Every project is new and different, but our philosophy remains the same. We take the time to listen, research and fully understand your business and your specific requirements. We treat your strategy and the message you wish to put across with the utmost consideration respect. 
The results we deliver do not bear our mark, they bear your mark.

Creativity and experience

Our Experience

Penceo Sport have been in the field for 10 years, working with large sporting federations such as FIBA, FIA, CIKFIA. We are a specialist agency, with a deep understanding of the specific needs of sporting federations: community management, events organisation, brand management, marketing tools, mobility… we’re strong in every corner.

Our Strength 

Coming up with results that are visually stunning, memorable and hugely effective.

Our Team

A truly effective team is a team of people who are all passionate about what they do. At Penceo Sport, every person you talk to is not only connected to the world of sport, they all live it. That’s how we get into the heads of your target audience. That’s for the passion. The rest is down to experience and skill and at Penceo Sport, we have stacks.

Switched on

Knowing the users, understanding their evolving expectations, behaviour and demands: that is how we stay on top of our game. Technologies advance, and we keep up. We’ll always give you the very latest in media tools.
We think IT
At Penceo Sport, we use reliable, tested and stable IT Solutions. However our approach is to employ technology as the means, not the ultimate goal. The strategic core of every project is the business plan and the marketing objective. That is why our philosophy is based on not imposing the technology on the user, but instead on mastering and harnessing it so that it melts into the background, and delivers an intuitive, easy, enjoyable and effective experience. We put a lot of focus on the design, the ergonomics, the architecture and the outlay of information, while always respecting your company philosophy, brand and image.